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Stainless Steel


Complete range of quarter-Turn AND Linear Actuators suitable for an extensive number of applications, SS316 Stainless Steel Actuators series are environmentally friendly sustainable products and contribute to lowering the plants carbon foot print reducing the use of chemical coatings and regular field maintenance costs.



Fast, turbine trip and HIPPS applications require incredibly fast closing time in service. ProControl has specifically engineered quick-closing actuators with sil3 certified integral pneumatic quick exhaust valve for fail stroke up to 0,099 seconds. Single acting actuators, both pneumatic and hydraulic configurations.




In order to meet extreme environmental conditions and very high pressure applications, including space limitations, ProControl can specifically engineer unique customized actuators, in order to meet even the more demanding customer requirement.

Larger diameter and high pressure class application gate & globe valves generate incredibly high operational thrust forces in service. In order to meet these requirements and contain the overall dimensions of the actuators, procontrol has specifically engineered a compact high thrust output multi-spring design: heavy duty construction, cylinder assembly which contains multiple helical spring packs. fast operation is performed by procontrol bespoke integral quick exhaust valve complete with integrated damper device, which enables an ultra high pneumatic or hydraulic flow discharge across 85% of the actuators stroke, after which the damper system is engaged to slow down the kinetic energy as the valve starts reseating, thus avoiding potential shaft torsional stress and damage to the valve seating elements. The bespoke device is fitted with a dedicated flow regulator which allows fine tuning adjustment of the end stroke seating speed. Ultra compact.


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