Oil & Gas Industry applications

Offshore, FPSO, Onshore, Pipelines and Petrochemical

Corrosion is one of the most common factors which contributes to equipment failure and is a threat to plant operation, profitability & safety. PROCONTROL product range covers high-grade Carbon Steel actuators, which perfectly suit challenging applications in aggressive environmental conditions. PROCONTROL actuators and control systems are engineered to operate any valve, from control valves to on/off valves, maintaining plant up-time and operational efficiency.

316 Stainless Steel Actuators & Gearboxes

PROCONTROL technologies are designed to operate in harsh and hostile conditions while keeping workers and plant safe. Actuators and control systems withstand freezing arctic or extreme temperature and dust, electromagnetic interference, coastal and hot humid marine environments, and more, while operating at full capacity. Further improvement includes also alternative materials of construction: PROCONTROL complete product range comes also in 316 Stainless Steel with no limitation in shape or size. Currently the best available response to highly corrosive environments.

PROCONTROL 316 Stainless Steel actuators contribute to lowering plants carbon foot print as they reduce the use of chemical coatings and, from an operation and production point of view, they lower considerably regular field maintenance costs. Combined to bespoke actuators, PROCONTROL provides a complete range of control systems for valves automation, starting from simple pneumatic panels up to more complicated Control Stations and HPU (Hydraulic Power Units) which can manage singular or multiple actuators simultaneously.


Challenges of LNG and Power Plants

LNG, Geothermal Power Plants & Turbine Trip

LNG trains are extremely cold when running: LNG is Natural Gas cooled down to -161°C (-258°F) to liquefy and it is mainly used in power generation as a suitable alternative to diesel. PROCONTROL actuators and control systems key applications include emergency shut-down, line isolation, steam dampers heating and turbine bypass systems. Geothermal power generation involves no combustion because it uses magma heat energy from the inner core of our planet. This gives the advantage of a constant availability, comparable with that of thermal power generation. Following the steam production at high and low pressures, steam is directed to a steam turbine using separate pipelines. The in depth consideration of the interface where the geothermal subsurface source of energy is transformed into electricity or heating and the surrounding conditions, such as ambient temperature, humidity and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) content, are key elements for the selection of the correct equipment. Clients can rely on our knowledge, expertise and field experience in providing products to suit their operational requirements in extreme conditions.

Continuous and trouble free operation

The main aim when installing actuators and control systems for a power plant is to have continuous and trouble free operation throughout the plant: it is costly and challenging to restart a power plant after a shutdown when exposed to H2S. PROCONTROL has a wide range of technologies available to suit both local and remote mode of operation, in total safe conditions. Instrumentation in a power plant is important and plays a major role for a safe and efficient operation.

Mining, Metals and Minerals

Face your challenges on slurry pipeline valves with PROCONTROL bespoke high torque output hydraulic actuators

The most exploited commodities worldwide based on production volume are coal, iron ore, bauxite, potash and oil sands with an increasing demand for lithium and carbon for batteries, copper for motors and cables, and rare earth minerals for the rotors and stators of electric motors. Most plants operate wet by centrifugal pumps through slurry pipelines. PROCONTROL actuators are engineered to deliver high output torques where and when needed and guarantee accurate valve control: precise pipeline product flow control as well as efficient product separation are crucial competitive advantages in this industry. Heavy-Duty Scotch Yoke hydraulic actuators combined with Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) for remote operations make PROCONTROL the ideal single source partner for complete valve actuation.

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