Company’s target is to ensure prosperity & wellness in short, medium & long terms.
The Company believes it is vital, for the achievement of this purpose, to attain a significant position in the market, primarily pursued through the fulfillment of the contractual and legal requirements, as well as the distribution on the market of a product characterized by a high quality level obtained by a mix of physical, functional and aesthetic characteristics..

Achieving this position depends on the following factors:

  • To obtain economic results that not only provide a compensation relative to the amount invested, but also allow to plan the required investments for the development of processes and products
  • To understand developments & needs of the market in order to finalize strategies for products and services
  • To keep technologies constantly updated
  • To continuously evaluate the production process using both internal & external resources for improvement
  • To train and involve the staff, keeping a high level of expertise, awareness and training, so that professionalism is adequate to the level of the activities done and people are all committed

The management of the above mentioned factors and their mutual integration must be carried out through a meticulous planning and a careful check of the processes by monitoring the risk index, considering the context in which the company operates.

According to the above, it is mandatory, for the Company:

  • To define, through a quality management system, the planned and systematic activities necessary to ensure the control and improvement of the business parameters that have influence on product and process
  • To work hard so that the system requirements are consistently complied and ensure continuous improvement processes
  • The main objective of our Improvement Plan is to achieve the position of best partner for Pro Control’s Clients.

To ensure the processes improvement the Company has to plan, with established periodicity, programs that finalize:

  • Specific targets (objectives)
  • Time and responsibility for achieving them
  • Objective criteria for evaluating the achieved results

The Management, with a democratic corporate Leadership, is committed to:

  • Establish a communication with the customer that allows the definition of its needs and how to meet its requests
  • Finalize the Company organization, so that responsibilities, control and relations between Depts. are clear
  • Ask all the business managers to check if the needs of both instrumental and professional resources are fulfilled
  • Provide the Company with a quality management system in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001 2015 edition, integrating with the environmental requirements of the EN14001 2015 standard edition and ISO 45001 2018 standard edition. Spread the quality culture at all organization levels by assigning, to a member of the corporate structure, the responsibility to establish, implement and maintain the system operative and to report to the Management on the progress
  • Review the Quality management system, at fixed time, in order to check if it meets the standard requirements, if it follows this policy and if it achieves its objectives
  • Communicate the quality policy inside and outside the organization so that it is fully understood
  • Review this policy, at fixed time, in order to evaluate effectiveness in the conduct of the Company.
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