the FAST & ULTRAFAST series

ProControl Valve Actuation & Control - specialized in Scotch Yoke Actuators - canted and symmetric scotch yoke mechanism


ProControl designed an ultra-fast application by developing the single acting actuators, both pneumatic and hydraulic. The fast operation is performed by the spring, but for this special APPLICATION the cylinder is fitted with a special INTEGRAL DAMPER.
The integral damper consists of a 2 way 2 position special piloted integral high flow discharge valve, complete with an integral end of stroke damper which safe guards the valve shaft and seating elements.
The quick discharge of air / oil from the cylinder occurs for approximately 80-85% of the stroke, then the last part of the stroke is dampened. The device is fitted with a dedicated flow regulator, which allows also adjusting the end stroke speed.
The INTEGRAL DAMPER is available in different executions: aluminium alloy or AISI 316.

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